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Overhead Power Specialists

Quality, Safety & Environment

SP Power has a strong focus on continuous improvement in its planning procedures, project management skills and work practices. We have a strong focus on staff training and further development to ensure high quality work; safe work sites; timely completion of work; minimum inconvenience to the community and minimal impacts on the environment.

Quality results are achieved by thorough planning and effective implementation of the plan by a team of responsible people who take pride in their work.

Health & Safety

Our approach to the health and safety of our employees is formed from our culture as a business.

We don’t dictate top down edicts from management. Our safe systems of work are built up by the people who need to use them, working with management, to achieve sensible, practical and safe solutions that have everyone’s buy in. We encourage all our people to actively report incidents, and we workshop ideas and implement changes arising from our learning to prevent future accidents.

As a result, we experience year on year better and better safety performance and manage to instill a positive safety attitude that everyone shares.

Right Skills

Certification, training, qualification, coaching.

Right Tools

Communicate with the user. Capture experience in the field and make it practical, safe and user friendly.

Right Thinking and Acting

Communicate in both directions from labourer to Director. Be proud of what we do, lead by example. Don’t walk past something you wouldn’t except and look after your mate.

Keep Improving

No blame culture, discuss our problems, share knowledge and improvements and prevent future accidents.

The Environment

Our working environment takes us from the bush to farmer’s properties, suburban streets to the heart of our cities and our transport infrastructure.

We are strongly aware that our operations can impact those around us and the flora and fauna in and around our work sites.

We spend a lot of time ensuring that we plan to mitigate the impact of our works and conduct ourselves to ensure we uphold our legal and contractual obligations and work consistently with the practices we commit to in our Environmental Policy.