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Overhead Power Specialists

Overhead Maintenance

For any network owner, asset maintenance is about risk management, but if you don’t know what level of risk you are exposed to now, or you’re unable to grade your risk, then you are driving with your eyes closed, Yes,  that is correct Your Honour!

SP Power is able to:

  • Ascertain your current risk level by conducting an existing asset survey, mechanical and/or electrical.
  • Mechanical – pole inspection, pole top fitting inspection, and ground clearance survey, mapping your assets, gathering information about the site usage, size and number of vehicle movements, statutory vegetation clearances, travelling and operating clearances of site machinery.
  • Electrical – Survey the power requirements of existing plant and machinery, to determine the load characteristics of the site, then calculate the loading that the powerline can safely operate at.
  • A report is prepared with graded risks for the asset owner to start to understand their powerline and be able to make informed decisions.

Following on SP Power is highly skilled on the construction side of maintenance. Lifting lower conductor spans, uprating conductors, replacing poles, rerouting powerlines, and general maintenance such as pole top refurbishments.