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Overhead Power Specialists

Management of Design

The design process can be time consuming and tedious at the best of times. It is fraught with risk around time and cost for construction. It’s imperative at this early stage of the project to have construction input, incorrect choices in route selection, pole types, conductor types, pole top constructions, can lead to unnecessary and massive blow outs in costs for construction. A small investment at the beginning can save hundreds of thousands during construction.

SP Power provides consultancy in:

  • Constructability of design
  • Existing powerline inspections and reporting
  • Serviceability reports on existing poles and conductors
  • Dilapidation reports on existing powerlines

Designers are experts in design, and are not expected to be experts in construction, engage SP Power to work with your designer and put together the best team early to ensure you receive the most cost effective outcome for your project.

Providing services to Network owners, Principals, Designers, ASP3s (Level 3 accredited service providers).