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Intermodal logistics Centre, Enfield

This was a tough job with a new challenge every day but we had a very good relationship with Leightons. With constant communication, we worked with our client to find mutually beneficial solutions to each challenge, turning what could have been a nightmare project into a success.

ClientLeighton Holdings


The Intermodal Logistic Centre Enfield (ILC) was constructed by Leighton Holdings for NSW Ports on the site of the former Enfield Marshalling Yard. The ILC will facilitate the transfer and storage of container freight carried by rail to and from Port Botany, including warehousing, packing and unpacking containers, and container storage.

Poles & Underground installed a 2.4km 11kV underground feeder from the Ausgrid zone substation in Hillcrest Avenue in Strathfield South to the ILC site on Cosgrove Street, Enfield; and installed eight padmount substations, 2km of underground cable and street lighting on the site.
The installation from the Hillcrest Avenue substation to St Annes Reserve was along suburban streets in an existing Ausgrid conduit. New conduit was installed to cross under the Cooks River culvert, through the BUNZL site and along and under Cosgrove Street to the ILC site. Crossing the 15m wide Cooks River involved Leightons damming the water flow while a trench was dug through the concrete floor of the culvert, conduit and cable were installed and the trench was filled.
The Works included:

  • Underground – trenching; installing cable in existing Ausgrid conduit including repairing or replacing sections of blocked conduit; installing new conduit and cable; and back filling.
  • Substations – installing eight padmount substations on the site.
  • Lighting – removing and replacing poles and installing street lighting at the site entrance; and installing 30 steel poles, four switchboards and lighting across the site.

The P&U Difference

Poles and Underground was able to provide the additional staff needed to do extra work that was not anticipated and to ensure the job was completed in reasonable time.